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Paladins PTS Patch 51

This is Paladins OB 51 patch, featuring different balance changes, new skins and more. Continue reading for more information. New Skins & …


Paladins PTS Patch 50

This is Paladins OB 50 patch, featuring different balance changes, new skins and more. Continue reading for more information. New Skins & …

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Smite PTS Patch 4.9

This is Smite PTS Patch 4.9, featuring a new goddess, and different changes. Balance Changes Cernunnos Shifter of Seasons Decreased Physical Power Scaling …

League of Legends

Krepo is Leaving Riot Caster’s Team Due to Leak of Nude Pics

Nude pics of Krepo have made him leave Riot Caster’s team for a while until things get cleared out. It was him who confirmed that the leaks were indeed true and not manipulated in any way, through his Twitter profile. It is quite unfortunate for a person to get his private pictures and conversations leaked…


Paladins PTS Patch 51

This is Paladins OB 51 patch, featuring different balance changes, new skins and more. Continue reading for more information. New Skins & Maps No new skins have been presented until now. We will update this post as soon as we have more information about patch’s 51 upcoming skins. New Maps No new maps have been…

League of Legends

Yasuo Nerfs, LeBlanc Changes – Patch 7.11

Looks like Yasuo is getting nerfed in upcoming patch 7.11. There is not much that’s going to be changed from Yasuo, but it’s worth noting that this is a nerf and it will impact him in-game. Along with Yasuo, LeBlanc is in line for some buffs, she is pretty weak in-game and Riot is trying…

League of Legends

10 Bans Coming In League of Legends Patch 7.11

Everyone was thrilled to learn about League of Legends’ newest feature, that of 10 bans! Now each player has the ability to ban any champion he wishes on the new updated client. This feature was one of the most awaited features that is coming to League of Legends (after the voice chat obviously xD). So…

League of Legends

Missions Coming Soon to League of Legends!

Every game you know has some kind of missions you can complete in order to get different awards, some examples may be logging in daily or just completing some goals, like in Hearthstone for example. If you play some games as a particular class, you earn free awards! Riot Games are looking to add the…

League of Legends

Your Shop is Back – League of Legends Skin Discounts

With the release of the new client, there was something missing from the beginning; and that was “My Shop”, the one and only shop where you can get your favorite skins at a very discounted price. The journey to transfer all the players from the old to the new client was done just recently and with that…

League of Legends

Reksai Changes – Patch 7.11

After Kindred, Reksai is next for some changes on patch 7.11. Riot Sotere, was the one to post about Reksai’s changes on League of Legends official boards, discussing her current status and what would change in order to make Reksai a little more useful in-game.  Riot is talking about bringing Reksai back to her “roots”, making…

League of Legends

Chemtech Tryndamere – Skin Preview Patch 7.11

There is a new skin for Tryndamere teased on League of Legends’ social media. The skin features Tryndamere, who is getting a brand new skin line, the skin looks awesome and it is still unknown about the skin price. This is the information we have until now, the skin is going to get released on…

League of Legends

Kindred Changes – Patch 7.11

It seems like there are some Kindred changes coming to the rift, the one who made the announcement on the League Boards was Riot Wav3Break, he mentioned that they wanted Kindred to be more useful late-game and help her deal more damage as a marksman and have better satisfaction on her base abilities.  These are the changes…


WannaCry – Download Windows MS17-010 Patch

We are all aware of the new Ransomware that has been circulating these past days, and yes, we are talking about WannCry ransomware, the one that made more than 230,000 computers get infected, with a really bad virus. The particular virus locks and encrypts all of your important files, making it impossible for you to reaccess…

League of Legends

PBE Patch 7.11

This is PBE patch 7.11, featuring different balance changes (coming soon), new skins and more! The PBE is a constantly changing environment so please check this page frequently! Balance Changes Dr. Mundo – buffed Base damage growth increased to 3.5 from 3 Burning Agony (W) Magic damage per half second increased to 20/27.5/35/42.5/50 from 17.5/25/32.5/40/47.5 Kindred –…

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