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Paladins New (Fairy?) Champion Teased on Twitter

With Paladins patch 49 coming, there was a teaser posted on Paladins’ Twitter account featuring a what seems to be a fairy(?). This teaser marks a new champion which is very common in Paladins right now. The game is still in beta and they are

State of PATCH ALERT Until Now (April 25)

Hello guys, WizZarD here, It has been long, I think from our last talk and I wanted to update you about our state until now. PATCH ALERT has been growing really fast these couple of months, and I am really proud of it, but there is

Ivern Changes – Patch 7.10

There are some upcoming changes coming to Ivern in patch 7.10. We still don’t know what’s going to be changed on him, but he is really OP and can carry a game pretty easy actually. He has a 51% win ratio, and is becoming one of