Patch 7.1 Notes

Greetings, Summoners, Welcome to 7.1, the one where we play a little bit of catch-up. With the long break behind us and a month’s worth of data to sift through, we’re hard at work building out a multi-patch plan of action to tackle some of...

Warwick – Champion Update

“The chains are broken! The beast is free!” With feet pounding down Zaun’s stone streets, Warwick’s prey flees in desperation. The scent of blood hangs in the air, guiding the beast to his quarry. All efforts to escape are in vain. In a flash of...


World of Warcraft PTR Patch 7.1.5

World of Warcraft patch 7.1.5, Legion’s first small-ish patch, is now on the PTR undergoing testing. We’ve gathered every bit of information we can about it below, from datamining to announcements, trailers and official notes. Read on...


Super Mario Run Android Release Date

Since the release of Super Mario Run, Android users want only one thing, the game to be released on Android same as it has been released on the iOS. Some consider Super Mario Run as a big success, and some on the other hand, call it a failure...

Super Mario Run APK Download

Super Mario Run is the next hit game by Niantic. It features a new Super Mario game that seems to be really funny and it’s coming for iOS and Android. The game was downloaded more than 5 Million times within it’s first 24 hours of...



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