Get League of Legends Free Skins!

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If you didn’t know, League of Legends is givning 3 free skins if you follow them on social media.

In this post i am going to explain you the steps you have to complete in order to get these free skins.

Riot Girl Tristana Skin

Free riot girl tristana skin

The only thing you have to do to earn this skin, is to like League of Legends facebook fanpage. You can like the page from the region you play from and then you can earn a code to unlock the skin.

Dreadknight Garen Skin

free dreadknight garen skin

To earn this skin you have to follow League of Legends in Twitter. The links are above based on your region.

Unchained Alistar Skin

Unchained Alistar Free League of Legends skin

To get this skin you have to subscribe to League of Legend’s Youtube channel, you can do so by following one of the links below.

So this was all.
These are the only skins you can get for free, don’t get scammed by different websites who claim to offer free skins or RP, they are obviously scamming you.

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