My Opinion on the new League of Legends Training

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After i learned that a new upcoming feature is coming on League i wanted to share it with you.

The new innovation that Riot is bringing to League is a new Training center.

Basically they are going to add presumably a tool so players can test the champion’s abilities freely, this is what there is going to be included:

  • Infinite Gold
  • Reset your Cooldowns
  • Lock your level
  • Freeze minion spawns

So this tool imo will help new players get more familiarized with the game and will help them test new champions and abilities without risking playing in normals.

We all know that feeling when we want to try a new champion but we don’t have where to do that.
We immediately start a normal game and of course we risk the other player’s game in order to start learning that new champion. Now with the new training tool we can try out a champion as much as we like and then play in normals with them.

To sum up, i think that Riot made the right choice by implementing this tool and i think that beginners will have an easier start up to the game.

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