Yasuo’s Nerfs Patch 7.1 – 7.2

Yasuo is a pretty rough champion to deal with when you are playing against him, and Riot is planning to nerf him by patch 7.01 or 7.02.

In my opinion, nerfing Yasuo would be a pretty good idea, not only he is easy to get fed, but he also is pretty OP late game.

This is what Meddler said:

Yasuo’s on our radar as a champ who’s probably too strong at present. Now that we’ve got most of the pre-season follow up work done, we’ll be putting more focus back onto general champion balance. That means for patch 7.1 (the next patch we’re currently working, which will likely go out in early January) or 7.2 we’ll be looking at champs like Yasuo, Hecarim, Syndra, etc.

For Yasuo specifically the first job’s going to be an assessment of whether he’s performing better than he should for his intended strengths and weaknesses. That’s both in terms of time in game (e.g. laning/early strength versus late strength) and circumstance (e.g. when snowballed, or when paired with specific allies or against specific enemies). We haven’t started diving this yet, so there’s not much specifically to share. But Yasuo will probably show up in a patch note sooner rather than later.

So expect Yasuo to be nerfed presumably by patch 7.01-7.02.


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