Reworked Warwick Build Jungle Patch 7.2

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This is Warwick’s reworked build. The new reworked Warwick is played TANK/DAMAGE and is pretty strong in jungle.

We start with these Summoner’s spells:
Summoner Spell 1 Ghost Summoner Spell 2 Smite

Ghost is better than flash with the reworked Warwick.


Tracker's Knife - Cinderhulk LoL
Tracker’s Knife – Cinderhulk
Boots of Swiftness LoL
Boots of Swiftness
Dead Man's Plate LoL
Dead Man’s Plate
Titanic Hydra LoL
Titanic Hydra
Spirit Visage LoL
Spirit Visage
Thornmail LoL
Oracle Alteration LoL
Oracle Alteration



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