Reworked Warwick Preview

in League of Legends

UPDATE 2 (Latest):
Warwick abilities were posted to Riot’s social media, click here to find out!

There is a new video teaser about Warwick’s rework, check it out here.


It seems that Warwick’s rework is really close because Riot posted a story about singed¬†experimenting on a subject and transforming it into a deadly beast!

Meddler was the one to confirm that WW’s rework was indeed coming by 2017, together with Galio’s rework, and that WW is going to be released before the new champion. That gives us some hints.

Firstly, it means that after WW’s rework takes place, we have some more time until the new champion gets released.
That tells us that Galio will get reworked after the new champion gets released and that the new upcoming champion is really close to us!

I assume that Warwick’s rework is going to happen really soon, presumably some days after patch’s 7.1 release on the live servers.

Maybe we can test him on PBE’s patch 7.2.

We will keep you informed about anything new.

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