Some of the best Paladins Fan Skins that HiRez Should Implement

in Paladins

Paladins’ subreddit is full of fan skins, and HiRez should know about them, so we will give you some of the best fan-made skins that HiRez should implement in game. The skins we will show you have been randomly selected from the “Hot” category on Paladins’ subreddit.

Seris – The Oracle of Egypt

This skin looks really cool and should fit Seris’ style pretty good.

Ruckus – Darksteel

This skin looks pretty dope too. The mechanical body of Bolt suits Ruckus very good.

Grohk – Crimson Thunder

This skin looks really cool too. It suits Grohk’s style and makes him look really good.

Ying – Hotline Ying

This skin suits Ying style really good and it kinda transforms her into a modern girl.

So tell us your opinion about these skins on the comment section! Do you like them? Which one do you like the most?


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