Dead Matter, A PvP Multiplayer Zombie Game – Information, Details and Release Date

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Quantum Integrity Software, is the company behind Dead Matter, a zombie PvE, and PvP multiplayer game that takes you to a world surrounded by zombies where you need to find a shelter and fight for your life.

The game is something similar to H1Z1 and DayZ, where you have to fight for your life and co-operate with others so you can stay alive. Similar with H1Z1, you can also drive cars, hold and place objects etc.

The game will be initially available for PC and then if things go well, Quantum Integrity Software might as well give us console versions of it, although everything depends on the success of the game.

The game had a massive success on Kickstarter too! It has gathered $35,351 of the $60,000 goal in only 3 days, which is something amazing! You can also support the game by going here and back the project, it is totally worth it!

This is the game trailer:

Dead Matter is presumably coming to the public by February 2018, although the alpha version of the game will be released way earlier. You can only participate in the alpha version by backing up the project, which we totally recommend you to do!

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