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Every League of Legends player knows exactly what PBE is, and every single one of them wants to access the PBE so that they can play with unreleased content such as new skins, new and reworked champions, new items etc.

The PBE stands for Public Beta Environment and is the place where all League of Legends’ new features and content gets tested before it gets released to the live servers so that Riot can see if there is any bug on the said content or if there are any problems with it.

Every PBE user has 950 000 IP and 950 000 RP on his account and can use them as they like. Skins normally cost just 1 IP and you can purchase everything in game for “free”!

But how you download the PBE you say?

It’s easy! Just follow the steps below and you will get your PBE client in no time! Just note that you also need a PBE account in order to use the PBE, and if you don’t have one, we can give one up to you for a really affordable price. Just click here to contact us and we will get you an account in no time!

  1. Click here to download the PBE Client.
  2. After you have downloaded it, place it in your Riot Games folder, which is located here C:\Riot Games.
  3. Make sure you have unzipped the file like this c:\Riot Games\LOLPBE, do not unzip any of its sub-directories.
  4. Once you have successfully unzipped your client, run the client here C:\Riot Games\LOLPBE\lol.launcher.exe
  5. You are done! Now it will update and include the contents of the PBE on it!

And that’s about it really! If you need a PBE account, do not hesitate to contact us here and we will get back to you with your account! We have really affordable prices for the account you are going to get!

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