Paladins PTS Patch 56

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This is Paladins OB 56 patch, featuring different balance changes, new skins and more. Continue reading for more information.

New Skins

Ash Ronin 

Atomic Kinessa

Kunoichi Skye

Terromorph Drogoz

New Maps

No new maps this patch!

Balance Changes


  • General
    • Fixed a bug


  • Rally Here
    • Now also increased ultimate charge rate by 15%.


  • Turret
    • No longer detects stealth.
  • Fortify
    • Now also reduces the cooldown of Barricade by 3s.


  • Bulk Up
    • Now also grants 15% increased damage while recovery is active.


  • Exaction
    • Damage bonus reduced from 40% to 30%.


  • General
    • Health reduced from 2600 to 2400.


  • Retribution
    • No longer reveals stealthed targets
  • Heroism
    • Attack speed increased from 25% to 35%.


  • Eminence
    • Now starts dealing bonus damage at 50ft instead of 100ft.


  • Throwing Axe
    • Prefire reduced from 0.3s to 0.2s.
    • Postfire reduced from 0.8s to 0.7s.
    • Damage reduced from 400 to 330.
  • Whirlwind
    • Fixed a bug where Whirlwind could heal deployable shields.


  • Dredge Anchor
    • Fixed a bug where Makoa could spin to trap players in the hook for longer than intended. Makoa’s pull will no longer update its endpoint once the target is within 8ft of Makoa.


  • Miniguns
    • Spin up time reduced from 3s to 1s.
    • Damage reduced from 53 to 48.


  • Soul Orb
    • No longer required to hold firing input for the first orb to shoot out.

Sha Lin

  • General
    • Reduced the amount Sha Lin is slowed while drawing his bow from 30% to 10%.


  • General
    • Health increased from 1800 to 2000.


  • Scorched Earth
    • Now also reduces the cooldown of Dead Zone by 3s.


  • Illusory Mirror
    • Refire time reduced from 0.7s to 0.5s.
    • Time between shots reduced from 0.1s to 0.05s.
    • Ammo count increased from 6 to 8.
  • Focusing Lens
    • Bonus damage reduced from 200 to 150.


New Necromancer Chest for Seris, Lex, and Zhin

 New Ranked System! Ranked 2.0

New ranked system coming to Paladins! Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond coming with 5 divisions, while Master and Grandmaster are coming with only one division. You firstly are on Bronze V and then you can rank up to IV, III, II and I, when you get over Bronze I you go to Silver V, and the same goes on with other divisions.

You get Tribute Points for every win. When you reach 100 points you get to the next division.

Today, we’re introducing Ranked 2.0: A wide-sweeping update of Paladins’ Competitive Mode.

This long-awaited update revamps our early Beta Competitive Mode into a robust ranked queue that is more welcoming to new players, more satisfying for existing competitive players, and full of Epic rewards.

Become a Grandmaster

In Ranked 2.0, you’ll progress through five tiers, each with five divisions. From Bronze V to Diamond I, you’ll know exactly where you stand. Think you’re the best of the best? Prove it by qualifying for the elite Grandmasters tier… or prove you’re the best at your main on our Champion-specific Leaderboards.

Climb the Ladder

Win ranked games to earn Tribute Points. Once you hit 100 TP, you’ll advance a division – or multiple divisions, if you’re good enough. But be careful: losing games will cause you to lose TP. Once you lose a game while at 0 TP, you’ll drop a Division.

Easy to Start

You should be able to hone your skills against high-quality competition, regardless of your experience. If you’re Account Level 15 with 12 owned Champions, you can now queue for Ranked 2.0. That’s right: no more Mastery requirements, just a refined system with good matches for all skill levels.

Earn Epic Rewards

True competitors deserve great rewards. We’ve got you covered.

  • Play 15 Qualifying Matches: Champion Skin Chest Roll
  • Play 25 Games: Weapon Chest Roll
  • Win 100 Games: Epic Terrormorph’s Maw Drogoz Weapon Skin
  • Win 200 Games: Exclusive Title
  • Reach Gold V: Epic Terrormorph Drogoz Champion Skin Collection
  • End the Season in Grandmasters, or top 3 on a Champion Leaderboard: Crystal Rewards

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