Riot will be Giving Away Free Stuff when new Rune System hits the live Servers! Exclusive Skins Included

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Every League of Legends player has been complaining about their RP or IP spent on runes, and Riot has thought of us all! Although what is presented here may not be coming on the live servers (as this is just a survey Riot has put up to see what players think), we will still discuss about this and the possibilities of it.

Firstly, these are the images of the survey:

So, what we can see here, is that Riot is refunding 40% of the IP spent in the previous seasons whilst they are going to refund 100% of the IP spent this season. If you have purchased rune pages with IP, you are going to get them on the new system and won’t get any IP back, but if you have purchased rune pages with RP, you will be getting 50% of the RP refunded to your account, and will be awarded an exclusive “Runebooks” ward skin!

Riot is also giving limited-time IP-purchasable skins, icons, chromas, and gem stones to somehow “refund” you for your spent IP and RP.

And to summarize:

“To summarize, in this scenario, the Rune system is replaced by a totally free system which does not require IP. Players would receive a partial IP refund on their lifetime spend on Runes, which may be spent on exclusive content available in the store for a limited time.

In addition, each player would receive an exclusive tiered emote which reflects how long they have been playing League of Legends and if they have previously spent RP on Rune pages, with a 50% RP refund and an exclusive Ward Skin.”

What do you guys think about these surveys? Would you like them to be applied to the live servers?

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