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With Ornn’s champion reveal (see here), he will be released on the rift really soon! But when will Ornn be actually released on the live servers? We will talk about that in a moment.

Ornn is a really special champion. He is one of his kind in League of Legends. Ornn can purchase items from anywhere and upgrade items for allies through his passive. He is a really special champion and everybody is patiently waiting for his release on the Rift.

Compared to other champion releases, Ornn has been announced and will be released sooner than any other champion this year, Kayn got released in patch 7.14 and Ornn will get released on patch 7.17, which is only 3 patches away from the previous champion release, different to the usual 4 patches+ we have been used to wait for a new champion release.

Nevertheless, Ornn looks awesome and I am really thrilled about him and about what he has to offer to the Rift. You can check his complete champion reveal and information by clicking here.

Ornn will get released by patch 7.17, also teased by Riot on the end of their video teaser about Ornn, patch 7.17 is presumably coming by August 23, so stay tuned to learn more information and useful tips about him and his release.

As always, you can comment below with your questions and we will try our best to answer every single one of them!

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