PATCH ALERT is a League of Legends and gaming news website.
We provide you with the best news in real-time about upcoming features in League of Legends, and different gaming and technology news.

We have started our work in early July of 2016, as a small website, and now we are one of the most accurate League of Legends news website, we love to do the work we do on a daily basis and are proud of it.

The content we post varies, we post and update League of Legends PBE content and new upcoming features, and also different games such as Dauntless, Minecraft, Overwatch etc.

Lately we have also started to post about tech news, because we think that we can handle them pretty well and express our opinion in a great way.



Our Staff:

WizZarD – Founder

My name is Gevio and I am 17 years old! I started playing games at the age of 10 and my passion for gaming grew bigger as years passed, and now I have PA. A website dedicated to gaming news and content.



Saky РSenior Editor

My name is Saky, I am 16 years old and I love gaming. Another thing I love is to write about upcoming content in games, that’s why I joined PA.