Dauntless Preview – Dauntless Gameplay First Look

Dauntless has launched a new video featuring the game on their Facebook page.
You can take a look at the short gameplay below and give us your opinion about it.

Dauntless | Magical Co-op Game Featuring Dinosaurs

Have you ever wanted to play an RPG game like Diablo or Torchlight but with dinosaurs in it? Then Dauntless is the right choice for you! It features a magical world where you can fight dinosaurs or, behemoths as they are called in game with a group...

Dauntless Launch Date – When Will Dauntless Be Launched?

If you have learned about Dauntless then you want to know the date of the game’s release. We don’t know the exact date of Dauntless release but we assume that it will be available during 2017. It could be early 2017, meaning January or...

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