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Dauntless Full Gameplay

Dauntless has presented us with some full gameplay of this amazing RPG Dinosaur-hunt game, the game looks really nice and it has some really nice graphics. Here are two videos we have been presented with: DAUNTLESS Iron Hammer Gameplay: Hunting the Pangar: DAUNTLESS Shrike Sword Gameplay: Hunting the Shrike: Check out this post to learn…


Dauntless | Magical Co-op Game Featuring Dinosaurs

Have you ever wanted to play an RPG game like Diablo or Torchlight but with dinosaurs in it? Then Dauntless is the right choice for you! It features a magical world where you can fight dinosaurs or, behemoths as they are called in game with a group of up to four people. The game is…


Dauntless Launch Date – When Will Dauntless Be Launched?

If you have heard about Dauntless then you want to know the date of the game’s release. Well, the game is coming this Fall, as stated on Dauntless’ Facebook post: As we can see, the open beta is coming this fall, meaning that we will get the chance to play it soon! There is a…

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