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Hello everyone, I am writing this article to let you guys know and to make you understand what is PA and what made us create this website. So starting off, there are many, many gaming news websites out there, there are also many League of Legends news websites, but we had a different vision from…


New Design and Christmas!

Hello guys, The new season is approaching and i thought that PA needs to have a redesign. Firstly, there are some issues with the theme we are using currently, it doesn’t have much features and some of the things that we want to implement can’t be added using this current theme. That’s why we decided…


New Patch Graphics!

Hey guys, As the new season is approaching, we are also doing some little updates to our website. Starting off, we are replacing the old and ugly Patch thumbnail which looked like this: It is really ugly and we know that. That’s why we decide to replace that ugly thumbnail with these: I don’t know…

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