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Smite PTS Patch 4.9

This is Smite PTS Patch 4.9, featuring a new goddess, and different changes. Balance Changes Cernunnos Shifter of Seasons Decreased Physical Power Scaling on Summer Heat from 20% → 10% Bramble Blast Increased Cooldown from 13s → 15s Chang’e Moonlit Waltz Increased Cooldowns from 20/18/16/14/12 → 20/18.5/17/15.5/14 Moonflower Dance Increased Cooldown from 10s → 12s Erlang…


Smite Tactis Release Date, Information About the Game, and more!

Smite Tactics is the most recent game from Hi-Rez studios, a studio that has some of the greatest mobas online. Up to this point, Smite Tactics is still in closed Beta, and it’s on Beta’s patch 0.18, making the game relatively new. The game is being continuously updated and maintained, and more and more features are…


Blade and Soul Free Secrets of the Stratus Pack Key

With Blade and Souls’ newest update, secrets of the stratus, different companies such as Alienware are willing to give free pack keys to everyone that signs up through their website and claim the key. There are almost 200 keys left so if you want to get one you have to be fast! The pack offers different…


Blade and Soul How Does The New Skill System Work?

Secrets of the Stratus – Systems Changes Hongmoon Training Room The new Hongmoon Training Room will allow you to hone your skills in a single-player PvE environment, focused on training you how to use your class abilities. This is especially helpful if you just boosted a level 50 character! You can jump into the Hongmoon…


Dota Patch 7.05

This is DOTA’s patch 7.05, featuring different hero changes, item changes and more, scroll down for more information! General Enabled Treant Protector in Captains Mode Towers base armor reduced by 2 Towers now gain 1 more armor per nearby enemy hero (3 total per enemy now) Towers bonus armor based on nearby enemy heroes AoE…


SAISO – Razer’s April Fools 2017 Prank

Looks like Razer won’t stop fooling around with people, they have always made up jokes on April Fools, and to be exact, a few days before April Fools, so people won’t directly understand that all of it is a joke. They have had many of these jokes, and one of them is Razer: Eidolon a hand-controllable…


Hearthstone New Expansion Lost Secrets of Un’Goro

It appears that the new expansion coming to Hearthstone has been leaked! Sources on Reddit confirm the new expansion to be named: Lost Secrets of Un’Goro. The new expansion will feature a dinosaur world as also found on World of Warcraft in the Un’Goro Crater, an isolated area home to exotic plants and creatures. This year…


Blade and Soul Wings of the Raven, February 8 2017

Overview Defeat the Raven King with two 24-member dungeons, a new Legendary upgrade path, and a new generation of Legendary accessories. Skybreak Spire Enter the Naryu fortress where—still under the influence of the demonic Raven King—Lusung awaits. You will face many powerful guardians within the Spire, until finally you come face-to-face with the former clan…


Best Hearthstone Mage Deck – February 2017

We are giving you guys 3 mage decks, a free one, a basic one and a very good one which will cost you 9000+ arcane dust. So starting with the free one, which you can build right from your basic cards, no need to spend any dust. (Click the link in order to see an…


Dauntless Full Gameplay

Dauntless has presented us with some full gameplay of this amazing RPG Dinosaur-hunt game, the game looks really nice and it has some really nice graphics. Here are two videos we have been presented with: DAUNTLESS Iron Hammer Gameplay: Hunting the Pangar: DAUNTLESS Shrike Sword Gameplay: Hunting the Shrike: Check out this post to learn…


What is Skysaga – Skysaga Release Date

Skysaga is an adventure game similar to Minecraft but completely free! You can’t play the game for the moment because it is in Alpha stage and you can only get access to it by going to Skysaga’s website. Now before you think: “Oh we have Minecraft, why should we play a game that is similar to…

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